Pest Control Services in Mint Hill, NC

Do you suspect an insect infestation or another kind of pest problem might be taking a toll on your home or business? Prevent the situation from getting any worse by reaching out to Dan’s Pest Control for residential and commercial pest control in Mint Hill, NC. Armed with almost 30 years of experience, Dan’s Pest Control can send an exterminator out to your home or business to treat it for roaches, fleas, spiders, yellow jackets, crickets, ants, rodents, and more (animals, bed bugs, and termites not included). You can put your pest problem behind you with a helping hand from Dan’s Pest Control.

Residential Pest Control Services

When you call on Dan’s Pest Control and schedule pest control services with a residential and commercial exterminator in Mint Hill, NC, you’ll immediately notice the difference between Dan’s and other pest control companies. Dan’s Pest Control is a one-man operation with the owner playing the role of the secretary, the bookkeeper, the president, and, of course, the exterminator. Despite being around for almost three decades, Dan’s Pest Control stays small to make it easier to offer customers the best service around. You’ll get access to the same exterminator every time you contact Dan’s Pest Control to come out to your home, which will make your services feel so much more personal than they would otherwise.

Commercial Pest Control Services

The service you receive from Dan’s Pest Control isn’t the only thing that sets the company apart from all the other pest control companies in the area. Dan’s Pest Control also stands out from the pack by allowing people to schedule single treatments if they want as opposed to forcing them to sign up for contracts. You do have the option to sign up for monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or yearly treatments if you choose to do it. You can also arrange to have one-time residential and commercial pest control in Mint Hill, NC through Dan’s Pest Control if that works better for you. This is a great option to have for many small business owners in the area.

Take Advantage of Pest Control Services in Your Mint Hill, NC Home or Business Now!

Don’t put off scheduling residential and commercial pest control in Mint Hill, NC any longer than you must. It won’t take very long for a small pest problem to turn into a much larger one if you’re not careful. Dan’s Pest Control can come to your home or business anytime between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday or deliver weekend pest control services to you should you ever need them.

Contact Dan’s Pest Control at 704-588-3501 to hear more about how residential and commercial pest control in Mint Hill, NC can benefit your home or business.

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