Ant Treatment & Extermination in Charlotte

There are many different species of ants in the Charlotte area. They all come under the category of “THOSE DARN ANTS”. Ants can be more persistent than any other pest.

ONE – Treat with baiting granules, gels, etc.

This is most effective. Ants take bait to the rest of the colony, and slowly, poison is released where it has a chance to affect the whole colony (larva, workers, and queen) before they discover that it is poison. Treatment takes longer. You will still see ants for a week, but this is more effective long-term.

TWO – Find and Spray the nest.

What can you do to help? Well, the most effective thing you can do to help us is to do a little surveillance. If you can identify where or what area the ants enter and exit from, there is a good chance they are returning to the colony–which helps us find and spray the nest.

Our Ant Treatment is guaranteed for 45 days. Fire ants are included. We have had good success with our baiting system. You must bait correctly or you can irritate them and then “WATCH OUT … OUCH!”

For your free estimate on ant extermination, call Dan’s Pest Control at 704-588-3501 today! Let Dan take care of what’s buggin’ you.


Ants will eat just about anything; give them a crumb and they’ll take the whole picnic. This fact is why they’re such pests. Some ants eat plant and animal materials. Some ants love sweets. Others like greasy and/or protein foods.

Picture it:

You’re mindlessly washing dishes when a single ant boldly wanders past the dish strainer. You probably don’t think much of the event. After all, it’s just one ant right? Wrong. Sure, you see only one ant, but that ant is the McGyver of the colony, searching the terrain for the good of the masses. By using smell, little McGyver ant will be able to locate what the colony needs. If he’s really good, and you know he is, when he does find a good source of food and water, he will return to the colony with the good news that each and every fellow ant has just hit the JACKPOT.

The trails of ants you find marching endlessly around your kitchen are the workers whose mission is to bring food back for their colony mates. What’s more, they’re gossips, making sure to pass along to the troops where food can be found. In reality, ants just simply go to the places that are consistently stocked with food and water.

All you do is:

  • Eliminate the sources that attract ants.
  • When you see those little McGyver ants, clean the surface immediately to keep their buddies from following.

For your free ant extermination estimate, call Dan’s Pest Control at 704-588-3501 today! Let Dan take care of what’s buggin’ you.


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